Environment, Health & Safety

We're committed to taking care of people and the environment in every way we do business. Because it's the right thing to do.

For Customers, Distributors & Resellers

Product Environmental Attributes

Designed to reduce environmental impact.

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Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet and regulatory shipping data for chemical products.

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Product Declarations

Product declarations provide relevant and verified information on the environmental, health and safety aspects and attributes of our products.

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Waste Management

Find information on how to protect people. Understand product end of life management (product reuse, recycling, recover and disposal)

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For Suppliers

Our suppliers partner with us to meet EH&S compliance responsibilities.

Supplier Expectations for EH&S and Labor

Our supplier labor expectations outlines the standards for creating safer working conditions and using environmentally responsible practices.

Supplier products, parts and packaging specifications

These specifications apply to all material shipments to Kodak Alaris plants.

Supplier declaration form

Suppliers are required to complete the applicable sections of the declaration form.

Supplier Packaging Bill of Material (BoM)

Suppliers are required to complete the applicable sections of the Bill of Material form.

Our Results

Worldwide Policy

Our worldwide policy guides us to prevent injury and pollution, and protect health and the environment.

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We are committed to protecting people and the environment.  We are proud of our accomplishments, including our coronavirus response.

COVID-19 Response

Injury & Illness



Our ISO certifications proudly show the effectiveness of our Environment, Health & Safety initiatives.

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Environmental Report

We consider environmental aspects and impacts in our operations, design and use of our products around the world.

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Learn more about key topics such as chemical information, product packaging, the use of photo chemicals and more. 

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