SCANMATE i940 掃描器 支援



若從 Kodak Alaris 網站進行下載,即表示您同意授權合約中列出的條款與件。多種語言下載的實際檔案大小可能會有所不同。

Windows 驅動程式

安裝程序可能較複雜。請先閱讀 完整的安裝說明, 然後再下載檔案。

Version: 4.0


Mac 驅動程式

Download and install the latest Mac driver for the i940

Click here for information on solving problems with OS X El Capitan OS v10.11 or higher.

Smart Touch 應用程式

安裝程序可能較複雜。請先閱讀 完整的安裝說明, 然後再下載檔案。

Smart Touch Export Tool

Installing the Smart Touch Export Tool installs the tool used to export your Smart Touch setting shortcuts from one computer to another. This tool is only for Windows Operating Systems.

Kofax VRS 支援

具有以下 VRS 型號的 KODAK SCANMATE i940 掃描儀通過 Kofax 認證:

如欲了解更多資訊,請參閱 Kofax 掃描儀配置程式。

Version: 5.1


The Kodak TWAIN Integrator Kit contains contains information required to write TWAIN enabled applications for Kodak Alaris' document scanners. This documentation includes custom capablities and header files for the Kodak Data Source. This file also contains information on the custom properties exposed by Kodak Alaris' WIA driver. Actual filesize for multilanguage downloads may vary. View or download the instructions on increasing the Scanner Log History of Kodak Scanners.



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The videos below will help you address many common questions about using and maintaining your scanner.

Using the Kodak i940M Scanner with Presto! PageManager
KODAK ScanMate i940 Scanner for Macintosh computers
Scanner i940M compatile con Mac (portatil)

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