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如要瞭解新技術如何改善文件流程,請參閱 IDC 報告「Information Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation」

Holly Muscolino
IDC 內容技術與文件工作流程部門研究副總裁

現今的機構面臨了許多與管理結構化與結構化資料的相關挑戰。其中許多挑戰與效率低落、中斷連線、手動文件處理工作流程有關。IDC 的研究指出,這些業務工作流程有絕大部分仍使用書面文件,讓這些挑戰雪上加霜。下載 IDC 報告以進一步瞭解數位化、自動化和最佳化文件導向業務工作流程的優點。

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Key Study Findings:

  • Organizations are challenged by the costs of supporting manual document workflows. Beyond printing and copy costs, they’re also losing resources to document storage costs, time wasted to manual steps, recreating missing documents and correcting errors. Longer lead times can further impact revenue and regulatory deadlines.
  • Digitizing, automating and optimizing document workflows offer compelling benefits to organizations, including, on average, a 35% reduction in costs, 42% reduction in paper documents, and 52% reduction in errors.
  • New technologies are improving deployment and management of document-centric workflows. Information capture is a key component to the document automation ecosystem, as the onboarding method to transform paper-based content to digital. Capture can also process digital document and other business content, optical character recognition (OCR), automatic indexing and classification, and intelligent data extraction.
  • Today, many organizations are in the early stages of document workflow transformation initiatives because of the siloed and fragmented nature of document centric business processes and insufficient information about the potential for business improvements and competitive advantage.

Download IDC’s white paper, Information Capture: Cornerstone of Digital Transformation to read the study.

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