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Form a winning partnership with Services from Kodak Alaris.

Achieve more successful outcomes in the era of data chaos with world-class services from Kodak Alaris.

At Kodak Alaris, we are your trusted business partner. We keep your devices in working order, and we help you get the greatest value out of your products and solutions.

Let us show you how we can help create an environment with more efficient workflows and processes that will allow your information to become your power. If you’re ready to succeed in the era of data chaos – through superior repair and maintenance to smarter added-value services – contact us to set up an introductory appointment with Services from Kodak Alaris today.

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Repair and Maintenance Services

When you buy a scanner from Kodak Alaris, you're investing in a product with cutting-edge technology. Rely on service and support from Kodak Alaris to stay up and running.


Kodak Alaris offers competitively priced coverage options for your scanning equipment to protect, enhance, and secure your investments.


Leverage our proven service for more than Kodak Alaris products. We have supported scanners from brands such as Fujitsu and Canon for over a decade.


With our 50+ years of expertise, Kodak Alaris can be your one partner for service and support on micrographic equipment from multiple manufacturers.

Software Services

Kodak Alaris offers comprehensive maintenance and support ensuring you get the most out of your software investment.


Software Assurance keeps your software environment running at an optimal level with software updates and technical support.


Software Maintenance keeps your software environment current with patch updates and technical support.

Professional Services

From evaluations to implementation solutions, Kodak Alaris offers a wide range of professional services to help you operate at peak efficiency.


Kodak Alaris can assist you with your technology by providing basic product installation, product upgrades, business relocation, and setup.


Let Kodak Alaris explore your environment and make recommendations on how to optimize it with our system and workflow assessments and expert training.

Managed Content Services

Kodak Alaris can help you streamline and optimize your business by providing custom maintenance services, workflow analysis, and lifecycle management.



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Why Partnership and Value Matter

Rapid changes in information management and the ceaseless growth of data chaos demand an equivalent adaptation in terms of what services providers offer to your organization. Selecting a provider that will be a true partner is critical for maximizing your services value

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