Global Literacy Campaign 2023

Kodak Alaris Corporate

October 17, 2023 - We are delighted to share that for the second year in a row, we managed to collect a substantial number of books as part of the Kodak Alaris annual Global Literacy campaign. This year we decided to support a non-profit organization called ‘The Little Free Library’ that promotes neighborhood book exchanges, usually in the form of a public bookcase.

The Little Free Library mission is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all. Book ownership has been directly linked with improved mental health amongst children and a greater propensity to read for pleasure, whilst reading fluency itself has a significant impact on children’s successful progression through education.  

A particularly proud action is the opening of a brand new Little Free Library, an initiative from our colleagues in the LATAM region. The Kodak Alaris team in Guadalajara have officially opened the first ever Little Free Library in the area and have also managed to collect plenty of books to share.
Our collective contributions will benefit local communities whilst also raising funds and supporting this important area of need.