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Switch between jobs faster in your high-volume scanning operation

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For BPOs, Service Bureaus, and Mailrooms, efficiency is the name of the game to maximize profits in document scanning jobs. Innovative ways to automate the document capture processes can net big savings, by reducing labor costs and maintaining device uptime

The combined advantage of integrated technology: Alaris Capture Pro software  and production scanners

Intelligent Job Select is one of the latest innovations that’s a part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, and it’s designed specifically to improve efficiency for high-volume scanning businesses that often need to switch between different kinds of jobs. Intelligent Job Select is a feature in Capture Pro Software that works in conjunction with scanners to automatically index documents and reconfigure the scanner with the best settings for a particular document type. Patch sheets coded with job configurations are inserted between jobs within the same stack, and Capture Pro automatically switches properties as the pages are scanned. This features works across multiple sized batches and multiple types of documents, up to the capacity of the scanner’s feeder. This completely automates some of the activity spent prepping documents for scanning, and reducing manual steps in the process. The Kodak i5000 Series Scanners support patch sheets natively, and will run at rated speed to keep up productivity in high volume environments.

Watch the video to see Intelligent Job Select in action: 

Imagine the possibilities

If you were a scanner operator in a high-volume BPO, imagine how much time Intelligent Job Select could save you. When a box of documents comes in for you to scan, you don’t have to spend any downtime stopping scanning between jobs to configure your settings in the software between the next set of scans. All you need to do is slip a pre-configured patch sheet between jobs and place the whole stack in the feeder without breaks. That means you can process different jobs, like a medical history with OCR and color for one client right behind black and white checks scans for another without skipping a beat. Even better, on supported devices, patch sheets are sorted out during scanning, to make for easy reuse later.

Intelligent Job Select can optimize jobs for:

  • OCR and Optical Mark Recognition
  • Multi-line OCR for seperate fields like addresses
  • Barcode indexing
  • And more...

Take the complexity out of information capture

That’s real productivity, and it’s a level of automated efficiency that can keep your business moving ahead of the competition. Using this feature reduces errors, saves time on profile-configuration, avoids post-scan rework, and lets you reuse patch sheets over and over again.

This feature also extends to other parts of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem. In branch or satellite locations, distributed capture scanners can work with our solutions to bring benefits to scanning at the point of entry. Capture Pro is required for full functionality, but Alaris Info Input Express can route documents to the right locations using patch sheets.

Intelligent Job Select is just one of the ways the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem can help you take the complexity out of scanning and information, to find new opportunities in your business. Contact Us today to find out where the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem can help you go next.


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