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Even in the digital age, most businesses still run on paper for day-to-day functions. It drives the transactional work that keeps operations running. How do you convert paper to digital and maintain records that are as error-free as possible?

Let’s say your team has been asked to convert paper-based data to electronic, as a part of a company-wide digital transformation effort. Once you’ve selected a capture solution to transfer information from paper forms then integrate it with your current business systems, how do you ensure the scanned information is accurate and reliable? Although it seems impossible, you can make this happen without wasting labor hours on QA checks that could be automated. First, start with a reliable scanner that’s backed by a world-class service organization. Next, make sure your scanner is catching errors and missing information as quickly as possible.

Intelligent Exception Handling is an Alaris IN2 Ecosystem feature that uses software and scanners together to identify problems as documents are being scanned. Both Alaris Capture Pro and Alaris Info Input NE software have bidirectional feedback that alerts users to document misfeeds, wrong sized paper, and to the presence of barcodes in a document. When a problem is detected, the scanner will automatically display an onscreen alert and stop scanning so the error can be corrected.

Capture Pro can take detection to the next level with additional capabilities. The software can detect if a form is missing a critical piece of data, like a signature or address, or do a database lookup to spot duplicate records. This allows the operator to immediately react without shuffling through stacks of paper. The problem document will be on top of the pile, and the issue can be fixed while the customer is still there, or flagged before going to QA in centralized environments. Saving time during the initial scanning process means that problems are brought to light immediately, instead of hours, or even days after the initial capture process, when the data is being accessed.

Watch the video below to see the process in action:

This technology uses advanced indexing capabilities to look for pre-defined fields on your standard forms. Using Optical Character Recognition for text, and Optical Mark Recognition for check-box data,the scanners create automated fields, and use the images to populate an index field. This allows the scanner to notify you when one of these crucial index fields comes up blank. OCR can occur extremely quickly, because the technology scans in simultaneous color and B&W. With higher quality B&W imagery coming directly from the scanner camera, the software is better at catching problems.

When you are able catch errors as soon as they happen, you don’t have to make a second trip to the scanner to fix mistakes. Your back office doesn’t have to dedicate time to tracking down the problem, or contacting customers to gather missing info. Less document prep time means a faster digitizing process overall, and a more direct route to digital transformation of your documents. You can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any missing information when it comes time for you to access this data. Even better, this frees your teams to focus on more important work, and on where the business is headed next.


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