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With barcode reading, accuracy counts. If you’re using a barcode to scan documents to the right place or integrate with a business processes, an inaccurate barcode reading can significantly impact productivity. Worse, inaccurate readings can sometimes cause documents to be incorrectly categorized or routed to the wrong location, which can delay required actions to the information within documents. For a government agency, this could mean slower reaction to requests for support from the community. For business, it could grind down operations in the back office, or even worse, negatively impact the overall customer experience.

Get the right results with Intelligent Barcode Reading

Intelligent Barcode Reading is a capability of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem that can help improve accuracy, without burdening administrators or key scanning operators with different procedures per scanner. The feature tightly integrates how software from Alaris interacts with our scanners to determine how to best process barcodes for customers. If a device has barcode reading capability embedded natively, as the Kodak i5000 Series Scanners or the Alaris S2000 Series Scanners do, then barcode reading will default to be processed inside the scanner. This is advantageous for both accuracy and for processing speed. On- device processing can provide more accurate read results on challenging barcodes, as the code is being read directly from a higher resolution image, before any software processing takes place. In addition, because the devices don’t need to send the image to software for processing, throughput times are faster than when the codes are read by the software.

Not every device supports barcode reading in the box, which is where software solutions from Alaris step in. Alaris Capture Pro and Alaris Info Input Express can process barcodes for scanners without native barcode reading, so you don’t need to make an investment in new devices just to get this capability.

Intelligent Barcode Reading brings both the hardware and the software together. When your organization uses software from Alaris, the solution will automatically default to the best available method for processing your barcodes. If you have a device that natively supports it, Intelligent Barcode Reading will happen on the device. If you don’t, the barcode will be read by the software.

This provides great benefits to the administrator or key operator on your team. Bar code setup and configuration does not change between the methods; it can be done one time and Capture Pro or Info Input Express will pick the right processing method behind the scenes.

Take the complexity out of information capture

Intelligent Barcode Reading is just one of the way the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem helps our customers take the complexity out of scanning and capture, so that information can make it to the right parts of the organization and teams can stay productive. To find out more about the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem and the ways it can help with information capture, Contact Us today.


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