2400DV Plus
3000DV Plus
A4 Tethered Flatbed
Capture Pro Software
CAR Interface Software
Color Scanner 3590C
Color Scanner 4500
Copiscan 8000 Plus
Copiscan 8000 Spectrum
Dry Laser COM Microfilms
Duplicating and Thermal Films
Electronic Microimaging
Film File Storage
i1210 Scanner
i1220 Scanner
i1310 Scanner
i1320 Scanner
i1405 Scanner
i1410 Scanner
i1420 Scanner
i1440 Scanner
i150 Scanner
i160 Scanner
i1860 Scanner
i250 Scanner
i260 Scanner
i280 Scanner
i30 Scanner
i40 Scanner
i50 Scanner
i5200 Scanner
i5200V Scanner
i55 Scanner
i5600 Scanner
i5600V Scanner
i5800 Scanner
i60 Scanner
i6015 Check Scanner
i6060 Check Scanner
i6090 Check Scanner
i610 Scanner
i620 Scanner
i640 Scanner
i65 Scanner
i660 Scanner
i730 Scanner
i7300 Scanner
i7300 Scanner Application Software
i750 Scanner
i780 Scanner
i80 Scanner
i810 Scanner
i820 Scanner
i830 Scanner
i840 Scanner
i9600 Application Software Kit
i9600 Series Writers
ibml ImageTrac
ibml ImageTracDS 1150
Image Server Software
Info Input Express
Info Input Solution
Ngenuity 9090DB
Ngenuity 9090DC
Ngenuity 9125
Ngenuity 9150
Picture Saver Scanning System PS450
Picture Saver Scanning System PS50/PS80
Picture Saver Scanning System PS810/PS410
POWERFILM Application Software
Prostar Archive Processor
Reference Archive Media 1433/3433
s1220 Photo Scanning System
Scan Station 100
Scan Station 500
Scan Station 700
Scan Station 710
Scan Station 720EX
Scan Station 730EX
Scan, upload, index to Sharepoint |bpm| Info Activate
SCANMATE i1180 Scanner
SCANMATE i920 Scanner
Scanner 1500
Scanner 2500
Scanner 3500
Scanner 3510
Scanner 3520
Scanner 5500
Scanner 7500
Scanner 7520
Scanner 900
Scanner 923
Scanner 9500
Scanner 9520
Scanner i1190
Scanner i1190E
Scanner i1190WN
Scanner i2400
Scanner i2420
Scanner i2600
Scanner i2620
Scanner i2800
Scanner i2820
Scanner i2900
Scanner i3200
Scanner i3250
Scanner i3300
Scanner i3400
Scanner i3450
Scanner i3500
Scanner i4200 Plus
Scanner i4250
Scanner i4600 Plus
Scanner i4650
Scanner i4850
Scanner i5250
Scanner i5250V
Scanner i5650
Scanner i5650S
Scanner i5650V
Scanner i5850
Scanner i5850S
Scanner Microimager 990
Scanner S2050/S2070
Scanner S2060w/ S2080w
Scanner SCANMATE i1120
Scanner SCANMATE i1150
Scanner SCANMATE i1150WN
Scanner SCANMATE i940
Sidekick 1200
Sidekick 1400U
Smart Touch Technology
Software gestione risorse
Source Document Microfilms
Spectrum XF
Truper 3200 Flatbed Scanner
Truper 3210 Flatbed Scanner
Truper 3600
Truper 3610
Wet COM Microfilms