/ Case study Global Bank selects Managed Content Services

Global bank's regional operations uses MCS to reduce scanning workflow processes from 170 to fewer than 10

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While a global bank’s MPS provider in the UK provided an array of services - including handling all maintenance and consumables requests, device monitoring, and resolving issues - centralized and distributed scanning equipment and associated processes did not form part of their MPS agreement. Many document imaging aspects were unmanaged within the organization. New scanners were informally added, process ownership was limited and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) unknown.

To better understand all scanning and related operations, Kodak Alaris Information Management and the MPS provider created a Managed Content Services agreement. The first step: an assessment of scanning operations and SLAs to gain insight and determine future direction through a comprehensive plan and agreement.

The bank’s UK operations had too many document-centric assets that were aged and unsuitable. Their true cost of document management was unclear with little understanding of current and future business process requirements. Disparate management and contractual conditions did not support cost negotiations with potential suppliers. Uncontrolled expenses for consumables, extended service, installation, delivery and training costs were not kept in check.

The Managed Content Services agreement’s initial assessment shed light on these realities and opportunities for improvement. It also projected an attractive Return On Investment (ROI) and how the plan from Kodak Alaris could future-proof the capture environment. The assessment revealed that inefficient equipment was being used, SLAs were inappropriate, workflows lacked efficiency and current processes couldn’t keep up with current or future demands.

Kodak Alaris Information Management began managing the capture asset infrastructure for equipment and software with a clear methodology focused on continuous improvement and TCO reduction. The bank quickly understood their total imaging cost structure and valued the improved SLAs – and sustainable cost reductions – which quickly became reality.

Re-engineering to streamline processes and increase efficiency

Subject matter experts from Kodak Alaris worked closely with the MPS provider and bank personnel to completely re-engineer core document processes. Positive impacts were immediate, including reducing the number of workflows at the bank’s central processing unit, by over 90%. Processing times got faster and knowledge workers freed to be redeployed to other functions.

The re-engineered solution was able to eliminate one daily shift and associated costs. The same volume of work that previously took about sixteen hours daily could now be done in around eight.

A new hub-and-spoke scanning model was implemented, using desktop and centralized scanners in combination with updated, secure and more appropriate software. The bank’s new scanning environment included the central operations unit, together with a number of satellite sites across the UK.

The solution empowers the bank’s mainframe environment to work seamlessly with customized software within a multilayered prioritization system. Business Continuity processes, a standard user interface and modular growth capabilities were all built into the solution. Initial and ongoing training and support was provided.

Better processes and smarter scanning solutions free up time and improve workflows

The new system reduced the full-time employee (FTE) equivalent and costs of production scanning. This solution reduced document preparation time, enabling scanning of a more diverse mix of documents, slashed error rates and made real-time document validity decisions easier and more accurate. Results: FTE-related costs and TCO dropped dramatically as productivity grew.

Additional improvements included streamlined document preparation (thanks to new scanners needing less pre- and postprocess handling) and efficient recovery and re-use of specific documents. The new automated sorting capabilities separated documents into different trays, cutting both time and costs of post-batch handling.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives were also advanced by reducing print volumes, smarter allocation of consumables and re-use of items like patch and separation sheets.

The new system took advantage of barcoded batch headers containing the metadata required to streamline each batch’s journey through to the bank’s mainframe environment, while creating a comprehensive audit trail to satisfy financial reporting mandates.

Additional benefits from productivity to peace of mind

While complete analyses of the solution’s efficiencies and savings haven’t been completed, the bank and MPS provider are delighted with many additional positive outcomes –

  • Significant ROI and TCO reduction through process re-engineering and FTE savings
  • Greater customer service and satisfaction, less rework needed and higher image quality
  • Visibility, management and centralized control of all scanning assets
  • Visibility and management of actual TCO
  • Security, audit, and financial reporting peace of mind
  • Single organization providing subject matter expertise, employee training and service delivery and improved SLAs
  • One point of contact, a single contract, and total accountability from Kodak Alaris Information Management
  • A replicable, sustainable model that can be exported to other bank regions

The bank’s delight with Kodak Alaris Information Services, their Managed Content Services agreement, and MPS provider has led to a new initiative to expand the use of multi-function devices across the branch network. These will be enhanced to capture specific document workflows on-site via a distributed scanning model.


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