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Analysts have declared ECM dead, but what's next for information management? Find out, in the Next Wave Report.

How we manage information has never been more critical to the success of a business. Yet ECM’s traditional definition does not do justice to today’s needs for Information Management. We worked with AIIM to create a new eBook about how Intelligent Information Management will shape the future direction of the industry.

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Our Take-Aways:

  • The term ECM has outgrown the traditional definition established 10+ years ago.
  • Information plays a very different role these days, it is the life blood of businesses and organization.
  • Companies and public organizations are looking for solutions that solve their challenges related to managing information intelligently.
  • They are not looking for just technology, but for ways to intelligently connect and enable people and processes with the latest technology.
  • IIM solutions need to be tightly integrated into the IT ecosystem of an enterprise or institution to drive their digital transformation.

AIIM's new eBook, THE NEXT WAVE: Moving from ECM to intelligent information Management describes this journey and offers actionable advice.


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