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We’re always looking for ways to make scanning simpler and more accurate. This is especially true for people in distributed capture environments, who are experts in their roles, but who aren’t expected to be expert at scanning. That’s why we have features like one touch scanning that automatically routes documents to the right location and Perfect Page technology which automatically improves image quality with over 30 enhancement functions. Our long history in imaging technology makes work easier for people in all kinds of roles - like an Insurance Agent filing a claims submission, a Nurse who needs to digitize a new patient’s incoming medical records, or a Banker collecting proof of income to originate a loan.

Reduce Scanning Errors and Misfeeds

Active Feed Technology is a new capability, introduced with the Alaris S2000 Series Scanners. This technology makes the preparation of scans simpler. When you drop pages into the document feeder, there’s no need to stack them perfectly; Active Feed Technology jogs the pages to align them for error-free scanning. Problem scanning due to misfeeds and poor alignment will be greatly reduced, so you and your team won’t have to spend extra time getting it exactly right.

Take the complexity out of information capture

Active Feed Technology is just one of the ways that the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem helps our customers take the complexity out of scanning and information capture, so that they can focus on the work that matters most. To learn more about the Alaris S2000 Series Scanners and the ways it can help with information capture in a desktop scanner, book a demo today!


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From Chaos to Opportunity

Kodak Alaris Data Chaos eBook

Organizations today are faced with exponential amounts of data. Most is unstructured data - email, video, audio, web chat, social media messages - dispersed across the organization, sitting in network drives, inboxes, shared drives and mobile devices.

Elimine la complejidad de las cuentas por pagar

Kodak Alaris IN2 Ecosystem

Cuentas por pagar | Infografía
La automatización del itinerario y las aprobaciones del procesamiento de las cuentas por pagar cobran un impulso con Alaris IN2 Ecosystem.

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