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License Agreement

By downloading from Kodak Alaris, you agree to the terms & conditions outlined in the license agreement. Actual file size for multilanguage downloads may vary.

i2900 Scanner Drivers - Windows

The installation process can be complex. Please read full instructions before downloading.

Version: 3.1


i2900 Scanner Drivers - Linux

Operating systems tested on: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Note: 32-bit and 64-bit LINUX Driver files do not include Guides. Expand the file (e.g., tar -xf *.gz) and then run the setup script (i.e. sudo ./setup)

Version: 3.0


i2900 Scanner ISIS Driver

Smart Touch Application

This software will let you create searchable PDF's (or other types of images) with the touch of a button.

KODAK New A3 Flatbed Accessory Driver

The installation process can be complex. Please read full instructions before downloading.




Smart Touch Export Tool

Installing the Smart Touch Export Tool installs the tool used to export your Smart Touch setting shortcuts from one computer to another. This tool is only for Windows Operating Systems.

i2900 Kofax VRS Support

The Kodak i2900 Scanner has been certified by Kofax with the following VRS versions:

For more information see the Kofax Scanner Configurator.

Version: 5.1


The Kodak TWAIN Integrator Kit contains contains information required to write TWAIN enabled applications for Kodak Alaris' document scanners. This documentation includes custom capablities and header files for the Kodak Data Source. This file also contains information on the custom properties exposed by Kodak Alaris' WIA driver. Actual filesize for multilanguage downloads may vary. View or download the instructions on increasing the Scanner Log History of Kodak Scanners.


Manuals & Guides


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How To

Kodak i2900-i3000 Scanner - Replace Separation Module
Kodak i2900-i3000 Scanner - Turn Document Protection ON
Kodak i2900-i3000 Scanner - Intelligent Document Protection
Kodak i2900-i3000 Scanner - Install Printer Assembly
Kodak i2900 Scanner with integrated Flatbed
Kodak i2900-i3000 Scanner - Rear Exit Option

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