We're focused on building a global and diverse workforce that delivers value to our customers every day. It's the most important asset we have.
Kodak Alaris is a fast-paced, innovative, future-focused company—where we value the input and contributions from our diverse workforce. Here, the power of fresh ideas fuels everything we do. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ goals, a collaborative environment where the next breakthrough innovation can come from anyone, and the belief that by fostering each employee’s career growth we’ll obtain the highest level of employee satisfaction—which will ensure success for our clients and our company.
Explore our open positions below and see if there’s an opportunity to put your skills and passion to work for Kodak Alaris.

Employee Spotlight

See how a few members of the Kodak Alaris team are putting their skills and passion to work.

Sumit Dadhwal

Technical Program Manager, AI Foundry

Kodak Alaris truly is a melting pot of #innovation. After reading an article in Bloomberg about our new CEO Marc Jourlait and Kodak Alaris’ focus on technology innovation, I knew I wanted to work for an organization that’s leading the future of the industry. As a natural innovator, I felt right at home because of our constant desire to push into new areas. I love being able to contribute ideas that drive towards our common goal.

I would label myself as a #gogetter, but enjoy that Kodak Alaris gives me the ability to balance my work and home life. Fortunately, the work culture provides ample opportunities to expand my skills and stay at the top of my game.

Joe Manico

Research Scientist in Kodak Moments and member of the Office of the CTO

Being a Research Scientist with Kodak Alaris allows me to be #creative and #resourceful. In fact, I’ve contributed to 228 US patents to date, and received the Eastman Kodak “President’s Award” for reaching the 200 patent milestone in 2014. I love seeing our inventions turn into products and I really enjoy managing and developing our extensive intellectual property portfolio.

My favorite part of being on the Kodak Alaris team is helping my teammates acquire patents. Our team is instrumental in helping to drive #profitability and #growth, and we’re always eager to step up and take on difficult tasks. And when I’m not inventing, you can find me at my cottage on Keuka Lake.

Darlene Ernstberger

IT Director, Infrastructure & Contract Management

I love working for a place that is so #innovative, #dynamic and #exciting. As IT Director, I help to provide the information technology solutions that enable Kodak Alaris to execute our business processes. The challenge of creating an IT landscape for Kodak Alaris was a big reason I chose to work here, and I am continuously driven by the challenges presented to me daily.

I would consider myself to be #committed, #humble and #analytical, which was beneficial in leading our amazing IT and business teams to the successful global implementation of our complex ERP system. If you’re looking to join a team dedicated, intelligent individuals, you won’t find a better group than the team we have here.

Kathy Clas

Director of Global Business Operations, Alaris

The opportunity to work for a company with a rich history and a chance to play a role in its successful #transformation, what more could you want? As Director of Global Business Operations, I lead and work with an incredibly talented and dedicated team of people who manage critical sales and business operations processes. We are a #proud, #dynamic, #diverse group that values teamwork and drives results.

My favorite part of working at Kodak Alaris is the continuous challenge. No two days are the same, but our #collaborative team is united and determined to always deliver. I believe that success comes from understanding all aspects of our business, and that is important for Alaris to play a part in the success of our local communities. 

Equal Opportunity Employment

Kodak Alaris is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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