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BLI Scanner Line of the Year 2016 Award

Ngenuity 9125

Discontinued Product
Ngenuity - FAQs


Ngenuity's innovative white LED illumination system requires no warm up time which means exceptional image quality as soon as you turn on the scanner. This means consistent image quality and fewer camera calibrations (only 1-2 per year).


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Ngenuity - "Endorser Error"

The "Endorser Error" is caused by the imprinter cartridge not being fully seated. Remove imprinter and cartridge and re-insert. Endorser Error will not allow scanning until the error has been corrected. The scanner needs to be disabled or imprinter reseated.

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Ngenuity - Cropping Error, Black Lines Around an Image

If you see a Black lines introduced into the bottom or side of your images this is due to a cropping error. Clean the background bar to fix this issue

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Ngenuity - Image Quality - Color Difference

Color images may look different on Ngenuity when the operator uses the same settings on VRS as they did with Spectrum. Operators may need to adjust their settings with Ngeunity.

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Ngenuity - Page Sensor Errors / Misfeeds

Holes or ragged edges can trigger misfeeds when then are on the leading edge. To correct, go to advanced properties, ignore holes ragged edges.

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Ngenuity - Very Long Document Mode

In very long document mode your images will be segmented at 18 inches in length maximum.


Very long document mode should be used for documents over 40 inches.


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