Kodak Alaris Thermal Papers and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification SCS-COC-006903

Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited is proud to have Chain of Custody (CoC) certificates from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) for Thermal Receiver Papers supplied by Kodak Moments.  FSC® Certification is an important award recognised all over the world from this global not-for-profit organisation established in 1994 that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest: uk.fsc.org .

Our 3rd party audited multi-site  FSC® Certificate (SCS-COC-006903) and Licence (FSC®-C150656) recognise our commitment to providing responsibly sourced paper products to customers around the world, up and down the supply chain from forest to pulp to finished paper. Ask about our FSC® certified products.  
1.  What is Forestry Certification?
2.  What is Chain of Custody?
3.  Why have Chain of Custody?
4.  What is FSC®?
5.  How does this affect Kodak Moments?

1.  What is Forestry Certification?
Forestry certification is a voluntary, market mechanism designed to improve forest management globally. The aim is that consumers will select products that come from well managed forests in preference to products from badly managed forests.

2.  What is Chain of Custody?
Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification provides independent evidence that forest products originate from well managed forests.  It helps consumers, businesses and government departments make informed decisions about the paper products they buy.


3.  Why have CoC certification?
CoC certification is becoming more and more important as an industry standard for companies buying and selling paper and timber-based products which includes our Thermal Receiver Paper.  Business reasons include:
  •  Central Governments require it, for example in Malaysia.
  •  Larger companies are increasingly buying only certified forest products.
  •  In Europe there is a lot of consumer interest in types of sustainability.
4.  What is FSC®?
The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international network designed to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.  It was established in the mid1990s.  Worldwide, more than 183 million hectares of forest in 81 countries are certified according to FSC® standards and over 27,000 companies have FSC® Chain of Custody certification.  Check their website     www.fsc.org
5.  How does this affect Kodak Moments?
Implementing successful chains of custody rely on everybody in the company’s supply chain taking responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the chain to our customers and thereby to the end-users. 
Kodak Moments currently purchases all its thermal paper receiver Master Rolls (at KMC) or Finished Goods (EMEA) from Felix Schoeller in Germany.  This supplier has FSC® Certification (TUEV-COC-000014-005) which is 3rd party verification of their forestry sustainability for producing our thermal papers.  Our Global CoC Manager checks the status of their certificate periodically. 
Our Purchase Orders to Felix Schoeller state that all supplied material must be from FSC® Certified paper.  Everybody involved in checking the Master Roll or Finished Goods documentation from Felix Schoeller must ensure documents clearly state the goods supplied are certified for FSC® to permit the goods to be delivered down the supply chain.  Any problems need to be raised with our Global CoC Manager who will investigate and implement the necessary corrective actions.
Documents up and down the supply chain, for example invoices and delivery notes, must refer to the appropriate FSC® certification.  This means documents from Felix Schoeller to Kodak Moments anywhere in the world must refer to TUEV-COC-000014-005.  However, invoices and delivery notes to our customers e.g. CVS in the USA, dm in Germany and Carrefour in Spain, must refer to our FSC® Certificate SCS-COC-006903.
In due course we aim to have an FSC® logo on almost all our thermal receiver papers around the world.  At the start of 2021 we have ~95% by weight of our thermal receiver certified to FSC®.  Finally, SCS Global our certification body will audit us annually to ensure we are managing our Chain of Custody correctly, keeping records of purchases and sales and using the logos appropriately.

Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited FSC Core Labour Policy
Kodak Moments Thermal Media Business is managed from the USA and our labour laws for FSC are governed by the Company’s Business Operations worldwide from Kodak Alaris Inc.
As outlined in our “KODAK ALARIS INC. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT POLICY (EOE)”, we prohibit all forms of discrimination when employing people and the use of forced labour anywhere in the world.  We expect all our suppliers to follow this policy which is covered in our Supplier Expectations.
I can confirm that Kodak Alaris does not seek to actively employ people under the age of 18.  In addition, we follow federal, state/provincial and local laws across the world if considering hiring minors, i.e. 15-18 years of age.  Our global HR Departments check the ID of all employees upon hire to ensure these policies are enforced; for example I-9 forms in the USA.
Finally, the Company does not prohibit the right to collective bargaining and for employees to join worker organisations anywhere in the world.
If you have any questions please contact:-
Dr Greg Batts
Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Manager
Kodak Moments FSC Global Chain of Custody Manager
Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited