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Latest version of application software

  • If you are installing Capture Pro Software as part of an integrated solution with the Info Input Express software, then Version 5.2 is required.
  • If you are upgrading to Version 5.2, and had previously downloaded and installed the License Manager, it is recommended to also upgrade your License Manager.
  • If the computer on which you are installing Kodak Capture Pro Software does not have Internet access, you will also need to download and install License Manager on a computer with internet access.

Version: 5.2.x


System Output Destinations

The following System Output Destinations are available to help you extend the capability of your KODAK Capture Pro Software by providing the ability to output batches to a number of different industry-standard formats. These formatted output batches can then be easily imported and/or used by applications that expect these formats

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How To

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Kodak Capture Pro Demo # 6 PDF Licenses

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