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Document Scanning Software

Capture Pro

Quickly and easily convert batches of paper into high-quality images. Capture and index critical data and send smarter information to ECM systems, business applications with extensive integration to streamline workflow and processes. From desktop to high-volume operations, Capture Pro Software scales to your needs.

Scanning Software Product Name Software Description
CaptureProSoftwareIcon_157x96 Capture Pro Software Master your demanding batch scanning requirements with a complete high to low volume batch capture software application offering robust data extraction and delivery to repository and business applications.
CaptureProSoftwareNEIcon_157x96 Capture Pro Software Network Edition Centrally deploy and manage capture and indexing stations to feed a repository or business process – utilizing Kodak Scanners and those of other popular manufacturers
CaptureProSoftwareLEIcon_157x96 Capture Pro Software Limited Edition Quickly scan and process information "out of the box" with this easy-to-use application provided with your Kodak Scanning Solution.
CaptureProSoftwareAIEIcon_157x96 Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition Automatically import existing digital images into Capture Pro Software and other applications and perform all the same imaging functions as you would with any scan.
CaptureProSoftwareIcon_Arabic Capture Pro Software Arabic OCR Module Apply all the advantages of our full text OCR capability to your Arabic language documents. The Arabic OCR Module is sold as an additional module to KODAK Capture Pro software. It integrates seamlessly with standard Capture Pro Software or Capture Pro Network Edition.
Smart Touch Smart Touch functionality from Kodak Alaris Smart Touch allows you to quickly and easily perform common scanning tasks. Nine different functions can be assigned and performed. Predefined tasks are assigned to the functions so you can immediately use the functions after installation. However, you can customize any of these functions to fit your particular scanning task.