Kodak Alaris – FAQ's

What is Kodak Alaris and when was it established?
Kodak Alaris is a new company, formed in September 2013. We were born out of the acquisition of the Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses from Eastman Kodak Company by the UK Kodak Pension Plan (KPP).
What is the UK Kodak Pension Plan?
The UK Kodak Pension Plan (KPP) is a trust that pays pension benefits to all the current and former UK employees of Kodak who have opted to join it. While the 'K' of KPP stands for 'Kodak', the Plan has always been, and will remain, completely independent of Eastman Kodak Company.
What does 'Kodak Alaris' mean?
The new company name has been named to preserve the heritage and legacy of the Kodak brand, while demonstrating we have the speed and agility to meet market needs and changes. 'Alaris' comes from the Latin Alacritas, meaning 'lively' In modern English, 'with alacrity' also means, cheerfully, willingly and eagerly.
Where is Kodak Alaris based?
The short answer is: pretty well everywhere. We're a global company operating in 34 countries. Our HQ is in Hemel Hempstead in the UK, 25 miles north of London. Our CEO, Ralf Gerbershagen, is comfortably installed behind (and away from) his desk in the UK, while Division Presidents Dennis Olbrich and Nicki Zongrone call Rochester, New York their home. Mark Elliott, Chairman of the Board of Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited is based in Florida, where he gets more than his fair share of sunshine.
Who leads the company?
Ralf Gerbershagen is CEO of Kodak Alaris and reports to Mark Elliott, Chairman of the Board of Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited. The key business leaders reporting to Ralf are Nicki Zongrone, President of Retail Systems Solutions and Event Imaging Solutions; Dennis Olbrich, President of Paper & Output Systems and Film Capture; and James Soames, Kodak Alaris' Chief Marketing Officer.
Why did KPP create Kodak Alaris?
Like most Pension plans, KPP is focused on longer-term investments over a period of 20-30 years. We expect the Kodak Alaris Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses to deliver ongoing revenue that's more than capable of meeting the Plan's obligations over time, and we see both businesses as key elements of the Plan's long-term strategy.
How does the formation of Kodak Alaris benefit customers, partners and distributors of Kodak Alaris Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging?
KPP has the financial capacity to ensure continued strong investment in both businesses and will actively support the companies' long-term growth targets. This will clearly have end benefits for all associated with the businesses.
What businesses make up Kodak Alaris Personalized Imaging?
The Kodak Alaris Personalized Imaging business (www.kodak.com/go/pi) consists of:
  • Retail Systems Solutions The world leader in retail photo kiosks and dry lab systems.  We give retailers a real competitive advantage in the photo services market.
  • Paper & Output Systems Offers photo specialty retailers, professional and wholesale labs, and photographers a comprehensive portfolio of traditional photographic paper and workflow solutions.
  • Film Capture Our world-famous range of still-camera film products remain a first choice for both consumers and professionals.
  • Event Imaging Solutions Provides digital souvenir photography services and solutions at theme parks, iconic destinations, resorts and other markets worldwide.
What does Kodak Alaris Document Imaging do?
Kodak Alaris Document Imaging Solutions (www.kodakalaris.com/go/di) enables customers to capture and consolidate data from digital and paper sources, understand and extract valuable insights from the contents, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. We offer:
  • state of the art scanners
  • capture and information management software
  • an expanding range of professional services
  • first class service and support
With customers ranging from small offices to global operations, Kodak Alaris delivers contemporary, highly intelligent systems and solutions to help businesses automate their processes, enhance their customer relationships, and make more informed decisions.
Does Kodak Alaris offer consumer products and services?
Absolutely. The consumer businesses sit right at the heart of Kodak Alaris. Which is why we were careful to secure the rights to the iconic, globally loved Kodak brand (see below). Consumers can continue to engage with the products and services of the brand they know and trust. Kodak Alaris will continue to innovate in the consumer imaging space – to further enhance consumers' positive experience of the Kodak brand.
What will happen to the businesses that remain with Eastman Kodak Company?
Eastman Kodak Company has now emerged from Chapter 11 and we are optimistic about its future.
Does Kodak Alaris have a license to use the Kodak brand?
Yes. The Kodak brand is a tremendously valuable asset in the industries we're involved in. We've negotiated a worldwide exclusive license to utilize certain sub brands, trademarks, trade dress, graphic designs, product names, and domain names in connection with the products and services included in the asset sale – and their extensions.
Where are the manufacturing sites for the Kodak Alaris businesses?
Major manufacturing locations include:
  • Harrow, UK
  • Shanghai, Xiamen and Wuxi, China
  • Windsor, CO
  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Rochester, NY
How many people does Kodak Alaris employ?
More than 3,000 worldwide – and counting.